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Design & Usability

We are proud to have a reputation for world-class user experience design, that is, the design of a single digital experience such as a Web site and Mobile app.

We combine our unmatched pedigree in screen design with our customer experience approach to create beautiful and user-friendly digital assets, that collectively help you to attract the customers you want, and deliver services to them that delight.

‘Digital assets’ may include any combination of; Web site, Mobile & tablet optimised site, mobile & tablet apps (iOS, Android, Windows), or email.
It’s important to involve your customers in the design process, not just during the research and strategy. We conduct user testing on any digital assets early in the design process, normally at a prototype stage. The format of user testing may include customer interviews, eye-tracking or online testing for higher volume tests.

The end result? Digital customer experiences that help our clients to win in a competitive world.


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