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Digital Strategy

The creation of a differentiating digital customer experience begins with a compelling vision, of how digital channels now and in the future can work together to attract, delight and retain your best customers. The Digital Experience Strategy will be based on solid customer research and insights, and will clearly describe what needs to be done to provide exceptional experiences for your customers, and how these will be delivered as a program of work or individual projects. Often these will be documented in the form of ‘Experience Maps’, a visual representation of the customer journey, which helps ensure all future initiatives are truly customer-centric.

We are focused on delivery of customer experiences through digital channels. However, these will always be considered in the context of a wider customer experience, including offline touchpoints such as call centres or retail stores. In cases where a client wishes to design the entire customer experience, we partner with Service Design specialists, who bring a wealth of experience in the research of and design of services in offline channels.

Measuring and optimising the experience

The effectiveness of your digital touchpoints can be measured individually, but greater insights can be had from analysing the data across all channels collectively, offline and online.
We will have identified performance indicators as part of the digital strategy, and can provide regular analytic reports against these, but more importantly also provide recommendations based on the insights we gain from the data – identifying trends that can influence your entire business. This measurement also allows the continual optimization of digital channels.


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